What If My Burdens Are Too Heavy? | EP29

Do you feel like something is wrong with you when your burdens are too heavy to bear? People tell us that God doesn’t put more on us than we can handle, yet we are sinking fast. In episode 29, Carmen shares the promise Jesus makes us if we accept His yoke and hand over the reins of our lives.

Verses mentioned:

Psalm 121.3-4
Romans 8.34
Hebrews 7.25
Psalm 46.1


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  1. Dear Carmen, When I received this email a few days ago I thought I’d save it, unread. I thought that “all seemed right with my world” and my burdens were not heavy.
    This morning I listened to your words of wisdom because I got hit with a few very heavy burdens yesterday and just felt so sad and defeated. I just wanted to go to bed, cover myself up and cry. But your words have helped me remember what Jesus said to us, and that He will help me with these problems and worries if I will hand them over to Him. So, I have put them into a big burlap sack and handed them to Him. ( I like to visualize things! )
    Thank you, Carmen, for this very important reminder of Jesus’ love for us. 🙏😘