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Carmen Horne: Perspective Changing Affirmations

Perspective Changing Affirmations

We can use God’s word to change our perspective on life’s difficult situations. When we change our perspective, those changes will affect our response every time. And that, my friend, makes a significant impact on our joy.

Blessings for Your Day

Our words are powerful. Proverbs 18:21 says that the tongue can bring death or life, and these scriptural blessings will speak life.

God, I Need a Strategy!

God has a good plan for your life. (Downloadable or printable card.)

Questions about Fear

When fear threatens to consume us, it helps to remind ourselves of the truth.

Momma’s Brownies

Mom wasn’t one to make a lot of home-baked sweets, but she did make brownies. They were simple and oh so good, made with ingredients she always had on hand. Momma taught me how to make them at an early age, and as a little gift, I’m sharing her recipe with you.

Monthly Scripture Writing

Join us as we write a Scripture a day! Writing by hand forces our brains to process information in a more detailed way. We remember better when we write it down.

Yellow Flower Bookmark

A sweet reminder of how blessed we are when we believe in God’s promises.

Waiting Room MP3

Every transition in life requires waiting. It helps to remember that God is working on our behalf while we wait.