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Heal your shattered heart.

Healing feels impossible when our hearts are so shattered that words fail us. When the pain is so great, we cannot pray, we long for gentle guidance and profound wisdom to guide our journey back to trust.

In Out of Words, Carmen Horne brings the experience and hope we need to regain strength — and find our words. Sharing guidance and clarity from her own hard-earned healing and rooted in Scripture, Carmen offers 31 days of insight, specifically crafted prayers, and journal space for you to:

  • Discover, or rediscover, the beauty and power of praying God’s Word
  • Receive comfort as your tender heart heals
  • Unpack your own devastation to gradually reveal the strength and words you need to recover

As you process each day with questions from your Hope Coach and journal your thoughts with a Pray and Ponder opportunity, you will rediscover the words to ask God to tenderly care for and heal your broken heart.

Out of Words by Carmen Horne
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Carmen Horne, Author

About The Author

Carmen Horne is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach passionate about supporting women through life events as they learn to draw on God’s power and a dynamic relationship with Jesus to change their perspective on the unexpected. She invites you to visit her at

Carmen and her husband live in the Bayou State. Read more about Carmen.

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I have a relationship with God. I trust Him to never abandon me. Psalm 9:10 - Carmen Horne, Out of Words #outofwordsbook
Jesus may be quiet, but He is not unaware. - Carmen Horne, Out of Words Book #outofwordsbook
God is the righter of all wrongs. - Carmen Horne, Out of Words #outofwordsbook
Praising God changes us. - Carmen Horne, Out of Words #outofwordsbook
Our heart will never be broken beyond God's ability to repair it. - Carmen Horne, Out of Words #outofwordsbook
The scars on your heart are evidence of God's healing. - Carmen Horne, Out of Words #outofwordsbook

Finding Words: Writing from Hurt to Hope (Partner Journal)

Releasing feelings through writing is a healthy step toward healing. Journals are the keepers of our thoughts and feelings. Our fingers are our scribes. Taking pen to paper helps us gain an understanding of our experiences. We take note of our feelings as we pour out grief and painful emotions. Still, it is often difficult for us to find the words to express the pain we feel. As the ability to voice the pain becomes less strained, our writing becomes easier, too.

In “Finding Words”, the companion journal to Carmen Horne’s book Out of Words, she provides space to journal your thoughts and prayers. Carefully selected Scripture mirroring those referenced in the book provide comfort and guidance as you continue your healing journey. Savor this time with your thoughts and with God. He longs to deepen His relationship with you.