Monthly Scripture Writing

“So will My word be which goes out of My mouth; It will not return to Me void (useless, without result), Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”
Isaiah 55:11 AMP

Do you ever catch yourself reading the Bible and thinking, I don’t even remember what I just read

God planned for these feelings. In Isaiah 55:11, He tells us that His word will always accomplish what He desires. Whew! It’s not all up to our reading or comprehension ability. God supernaturally works in our lives.

Writing by hand forces our brains to process information in a more detailed way. Writing by hand, not typing on a keyboard. Using good old pen and paper improves our recall. We remember better when we write it down. 

Are you up to adding Scriptures to your memory bank? Will you join us?

Our community is writing the book of Romans for 2022. The writer of Romans is the Apostle Paul. He is the most prolific writer of the New Testament through personal letters to his converts, friends, and newly planted churches. We can learn much from his inspired writing.

I have created a Scripture writing list to use as a guide. I plan to send our email subscribers a new list each month. Each list has suggested verses with nice little boxes to check the day as complete. Write the verse, and on days you have a little extra time, write a few thoughts on the verse. Our Scripture Writing List Archives is below.

I sure hope you will join us! 

With anticipation!


Scripture Writing List Archives


DecemberRomans 15:24-16:27

NovemberRomans 14:11-15:23

OctoberRomans 12:10-14:10

SeptemberRomans 11:10-12:9

AugustRomans 9:28 – 11:9

JulyRomans 8:31-9:27

JuneRomans 7:20 -8:30

MayRomans 6:7-8 – 7:19

April – Romans 4:17- 6:6

MarchRomans 3:12- 4:16

FebruaryRomans 2:5-3:11

JanuaryRomans 1-2:4



NovemberEternal Perspective

OctoberJesus’ Why


AugustHeal us, Oh Lord

JulyIdentity, Part Two

JuneIdentity, Part One

MayOverflowing Hope

April Battle Ready!

MarchFear Not


JanuaryNew Beginnings