How to Keep Trusting God While You Wait | EP30

We’ve all experienced difficult times of waiting. Health issues, broken relationships, financial crises, and more can cause waiting seasons that seem like they will never end. Waiting can be exhausting. So how do we hold on to hope when all we can do is wait?

In today’s episode, Carmen and Kristine discuss what God’s word says about our waiting seasons. As children of God, we do not wait without hope. Listen in as we learn from a woman named Rahab how to invite God into our waiting seasons and trust him to work in our circumstances.

Verses to read:

Psalm 130.5 (ESV and NLT)

Isaiah 40.31 (ESV and AMP)

Joshua chapters 2 and 6

Resources for more study on trusting God while we wait:

Carmen’s blog post: God’s Waiting Room

Kristine’s 5-Day Email Study: Walking with Rahab

Our short prayer to help us during our waiting seasons:

“Lord, I trust you as I wait. Amen.”

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