How to Survive Our Worst Day | EP09

How do we carry on when life is cruel? In our episode today, we will discuss God’s gift of grace for our every day and every need.

Links, Verses, and Points to Ponder:

Verses mentioned:
Genesis 16
Philippians 4.13
John 6.35;51
Hebrews 4.16
John 14.26
Isaiah 55.11
John 16.33

Read Carmen’s post to continue our discussion on facing our worst days > HERE

Declaration: I declare Hebrews 4:16 over you today:

You will run to God’s throne of grace with the boldness of a loved child. As you sit at your Heavenly Father’s feet, you will receive His mercy and find the grace you need to help you when you need it the most.


Father God, the weariness of our situation feels heavy, like walking uphill with a full backpack. We come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. We ask for an extra portion of grace and mercy today. Thank You for Your promises. We stand on the truth that you will strengthen us to face today and every day with the power we receive through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Carmen’s Books: Out of Words: 31 Prayers of Hope for Your Hurting Heart and Grace Maps: Our Journey Guided by God’s Grace. Read more about them here:


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