Stop Believing the Enemy’s Lies | EP08

How do we recognize when the enemy is messing with our minds? How do we stop believing his lies? Listening to the lies of the enemy can affect every aspect of our daily lives, which can lead to discouragement and defeat. God’s Word shows us the key to protecting our minds.

Listen in to today’s episode as Carmen and Kristine discuss this difficult yet important topic. They explore the story of Eve in the Bible, along with other valuable truths in Scripture that teach us how to win the battle for our thoughts. 

Verses we mention in the conversation:

Genesis 3.1-4 NLT

Luke 4.1-13

Isaiah 26.3 ESV

Isaiah 26.1 NLT

Ephesians 6.17

Thoughts & tips to remember:

  1. The enemy deceived Eve with a lie that sounded true, but Jesus shows us how to fight those lies.
  2. The same way God surrounds us with walls of protection, the helmet of salvation protects our minds.
  3. One step in protecting our minds is to find and record key verses that speak to our situation.

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