I Bring Good News

Who is our enemy in these troubling times? Our President characterizes the fight against the COVID-19 virus as a war. And that it is. This virus is the enemy of our country and world.

We are in information overload. Are you like me and have thought a couple of times, “I’ve got a cough. Do I have a fever?” 

Are you also fighting the enemy of anxiety? The health and economic challenges we face add fuel to the fire of our overthinking hearts. Fear and anxiety — weapons of our real enemy, Satan — roll across our hearts like a tank with a mission of destroying our peace. 

I bring you good news. The Word of the Lord says in Isaiah 35:4,

Say to those with fearful hearts, ‘Be strong and do not fear, for your God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you.'” NLT

Salvation from our enemy comes in many different ways. One thing we know about our Heavenly Father, He is creative in His responses. Let’s be diligent as a noticer of God at work. May we not give circumstance and coincidence glory. All glory belongs to God. 

Heavenly Father, 

Thank You for Your promise that I can lay down and sleep tonight and wake up in safety because You are watching over my family and me.  {Based on Psalm 3:5}

Don’t forget to breathe. We are the mighty hands of our powerful God. 


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  1. Thank you for sharing the scripture Isaiah 35:4 . I also go to Psalms 91 and pray that like a personal prayer for me and my family.

  2. Awesome again????????????????
    I really believe we all should become better NOTICERS. God has so many ways to reveal Himself to us. We only need to notice. Thanks for sharing have a great day.