A Prayer of Comfort For Anxious Times

As I type this, we are in our first full day of a national emergency. Who would have thought that the nation would be struggling to maintain toilet paper inventories? 

We are also in a crisis of emotion. Anxiety and fear wait on our porches, and most of us have opened the door wide for them to enter. I resisted the compulsion to turn on our TV this morning. I saw a meme this week that said, “Wash your hands and turn off your tv!”

As I ponder, I wonder how this crisis might be for our good as a people and nation? I am not God (as much as I try to help Him and play jr god), but may I share my thoughts?

A few things I feel confident in declaring

Our nation and our families are facing the challenge of learning essential steps in emergency preparedness, and our hearts are more in tune with the knowledge that we are not in control. Both of these will help in the next challenges we face. And, there will be future challenges.  

It also seems that in times of crisis, we seek conversation with the One we know has sovereign control. This drawing to God is always a good and welcoming experience. We need our Abba Father more than ever, right?

With the Holy Spirit leading, I want to offer you a prayer to build our faith as we take steps to build our supplies and knowledge. 

Heavenly Father,

I look to those in places of power and ask myself — does my help come from them? Lord, my help comes from You. You are the Creator of heaven and earth.  As I turn to You, Lord, the One who never sleeps, I am assured that although I am shaken, I am not overwhelmed. The health and economic challenges I face will not cause me or my family to slip into fear and anxiety. You, Lord, Yourself, watch over us! We gather under Your protective shade. The heat of trials nor the darkness of despair will destroy us. You, Lord, keep us from all harm and protect our life. Based on Your Word, I believe and declare that You, our Sovereign God, will protect us, both now and forever! Amen!

{Based on Psalm 121}

Take a deep breath. We are okay. We will weather this storm under our Father’s umbrella and be wiser and more compassionate. As we love our neighbors, we experience love as God intends. 

Blessings, my friend,


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