2 Questions to Help You Stop Being Fearful

theme-possibilitiesMost of my life I have lived in fear. It seems when I would get one fear under control, something else would crop up. Somewhere I decided the world was a scary place. Is it nurture or nature? Who knows. What I know is that there are a couple of questions I ask myself when that sinking, jittery feeling of fear envelopes me.

  1. What’s the worst that can happen? I’ve had to ask myself this when I worry about Lary traveling and when I worry about catching the stomach bug. Fear is not always rational.  Sure the worst could happen. But, is it likely to happen?
  2. Am I willing to surrender this fear to God?

These two questions have helped me so often get to the truth in the matter. One helps me see the situation for what it is and even can be. The other reminds me to put my fears into God’s hands. Surrender them. Of course, we could just pick our fears right back up again. I do sometimes. What then? We give them right back to our fearless God.

Questions about fear downloadable

I hope you enjoy the free downloadable I made for you as a little gift. A card for you to place on your frig, in your Bible or on the bathroom mirror. A little reminder of our two questions and God’s truth. May it help reel you back in when fear pushes you way out in the deep water.

Download your free printable here!

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  1. We make it so complicated, but really, when surrendered, it’s so simple. Simple enough, in fact, that we don’t even have to dwell on it, because it’s now His, and He’s able. :) Trying to learn to stop holding hands with fear this year, myself. Baby steps. :) Thanks for the pretty printout. :) ((blessings))

  2. I’m with Kristine above, Carmen. These two questions are so simple and helpful. What’s the worst thing that can happen? helps me gain perspective. “Am I willing to trust God with this fear?” reminds me of who’s in control. Brilliant!

  3. These are great questions (and God always has the answer, doesn’t he? :) ). I’m slowly breaking my ‘worst-case-scenario habit–it’s not a good one and is very non-productive. Thank you for the encouragement!