Why Our Restoration is Important to God | EP12

Why do we pray for restoration? Why is it so important for us to live restored lives? In this episode with Carmen and Kristine, you’ll learn what the Bible says about God’s restoration promises and what that means for our lives today. 

Restoration is a process, but as we allow God to restore us, we will grow into the strong and steadfast person God designed us to be.

Verses we mention in the conversation:

Psalm 23.3 (ESV)

1 Peter 5.10 (NIV)

Resources we talk about:

Kristine’s Restoration Promises Printable for subscribers: https://morethanyourself.com/subscribe-page

Carmen’s guest post Releasing Your Hurt to the Master Restorer: https://morethanyourself.com/blog/releasing-our-hurt-to-the-master-restorer

Connect with Carmen and Kristine at their websites:

Carmen: https://carmenhorne.com

Kristine: https://kristinebrown.net

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