How to Find Rest When Rest Hides

In the still of the night, as tears roll down my cheeks, I wonder how I can give Jesus my burdens and find rest. When my mind does not shut down, I ask God, How do I do this? How do I leave my weariness at Your feet and get a good night’s sleep?

Trouble sleeping and staying asleep plagues so many of us. It is estimated that 10-30% of adults struggle with insomnia, and women are estimated to struggle about 40% more than men. I’m not sure why women seem to struggle more than men, but sleep problems stink. Mom often said, “You can handle anything if you have a good night’s sleep.”

The Apostle Paul wrote an Rx for a better night’s sleep. I recently visited with Mitzi Neely’s community, Peacefully Imperfect, to discuss Paul’s prescription and I thought you might want to read what I discovered.

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