Does it Matter if We Pray?

Stephanie K. Adams, Ellen Chauvin, and I have a mastermind group that meets on voxer every day. When I read that sentence, I feel compelled to explain that we are not masterminds. We serve a great Master who we want to use our minds for His glory.

We talk a lot about Jesus, ministry, and how to serve our readers best. There might be a few words said about good food, good books, and where to find a particular cracker at the grocery store. 

I would not want to do ministry without these two. 

Stephanie is an author, Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, and director of Real Women Ministries. RWM is a cozy home for real women to share real-life. Stephanie is passionate about helping women cultivate a love for studying God’s word and creating a prayer habit. 

This month in the Real Women community, we are discussing prayer. As a Hope Coach, Steph asked me to write a few words about the hope of prayer for her readers.

Here’s the question that has been bouncing around in my mind and heart lately: Does it matter if we pray? I believe it does.

James 5:16b affirms my belief,

“The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” ESV

Over and over in Scripture, we read how prayer made a difference in the outcomes of situations. Over and over in my life, I can testify how prayer made a difference in my circumstances. 

You have a similar testimony. You, too, can look back over your life, in the good times and bad, and see how God’s hand was and still is working on your behalf.

Prayer changes things.

Join me over at Real Women Ministries to continue our discussion. 

Here’s the link > Prayer Changes Things — Real Women Ministries

Do you have a testimony of how prayer changed a situation in your life? We would love to chat. Come on over!


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