Did You Notice?

Have you heard the saying, “If that woulda been a snake, it woulda bit me”? That sums up how most of us travel through life and miss opportunities to offer help and encouragement to those hurting around us.

Ellen Chauvin offered me an opportunity to share a few words with her readers about giving the gift of notice. I love Ellen, and her community is a joy to visit. It is an honor to have you hop over to her place, Ellen Chauvin, Soaked and Sprouting, and join in the conversation. Here is a brief snippet of our chat.

There is a scene in my favorite movie, Hope Floats, where we find Travis and Justin Mattise sitting on the porch after the funeral of Travis’ grandmother. Travis’ mom abandoned him early, and he just buried his beloved grandma. He is pondering where he will fit in this new normal with his Aunt Birdee and cousin Bernice. 

As Travis holds a telegram from his m…More HERE 


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