Finding Freedom in Unlikely Places

Every time Pastor Roseberry and his wife were guest speakers at my local church, I would feel uncomfortable. They are passionate leaders of a prison ministry, InnerFaith, and as he spoke I would be reminded of that pesky little verse about visiting those in prison.

At the close of service on each visit, I hurried from the church so I could avoid Pastor Roseberry. His questions about participating with his wife, Christine, and her team of volunteers in their ministry to incarcerated women made me antsy. The kind of antsy that you get when you are trying to run from the Holy Spirit. Ugh. Why do people try to get up in my business and present me with opportunities to do what I have NEVER wanted to do?

I would love for you to hop on over to my friend, Liz Giertz’s place, My Messy Desk, and read the rest of my story. Click HERE for the trip over…


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