When What We Really Need is a Strategy

If we were sitting together over coffee (it would need to be iced or iced tea because it’s hot in Louisiana) and we hadn’t spoken in a bit, I would ask, “What’s been happening in your life?” and you would ask me the same.

So, what’s been going on? How’s your summer so far? How’s your momma? How’s the family?

In my little corner of the world, I went through kinda sorta a funk. The hurts and pains of life got me for a little minute and I did what most of us do when that happens, I took a long pause. Long pauses are OK and usually very healthy. It’s when we press stop that’s makes it hard to push go again. Ever had to prime your hairspray pump after you haven’t used it in a bit? It’s stuck and mine usually takes some hot water to get her going again. 

God has poured some soothing warm water over me lately. Our church, The Assembly West Monroe, has been in revival and one of the speakers, Sheryl Brady, really spoke to my heart. She used Gideon’s story in Judges 6 as her text. I was so absorbed in her message that I often forgot I was taking notes! Here are a few takeaways that might minister to you as well:

  • Purpose is powerful. Our purpose is why we’re still here.
  • All the stuff that we went through will be the wind that brings us into our purpose.
  • We didn’t choose God. He chose us.
  • The more we fear, the more we will fail. 
  • Fear will terrorize us and eventually paralyze us.
  • Fear will debilitate us.
  • We have a calling, a purpose, a dream or vision. What we need is a strategy.
  • We need a strategy that fits our personalities, our families, our commitments. 
  • It won’t look like my brother or sister’s walking alongside of me in this world. It is personalized. Planned just for me.

She asked us to pray out loud, “God, I need a strategy!” We prayed that five times loudly. And, I have been praying that over and over since that day. I can testify that God is faithful. He has been revealing His strategy for me little by little.

I have been working for sometime on 1) a short email devotion for subscribers – “Practicing Perspective” that will go out on Wednesdays to help us all (how many know that as we teach, we are taught) gain skills to help change our perspective. 2) Another ministry project has been to develop a private Facebook group to coach members on changing our perspective on our circumstances and challenges – “Perspective Power – New Lens, New Life“. Both of these adventures in ministry are exciting! 

Subscribers will hear more about both of these new opportunities first. Go live is scheduled for September. Of course, as we move forward, I will update you if that must change. 

That’s what’s been happening around here. God is good. You want to start praying this prayer with me, “God, I need a strategy!”? Here is a cute little note card for you to download to remind you to ask.  Click here Strategy Note Card

Glad we had the chance to catch up. Drop me a line in the comments and let me know what’s up your way


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  1. Hi Carmen, It’s so good to hear what God has in store with you. Looking forward to your Wednesday news and thank you for the note card.

  2. Hey, sweet friend! So excited about all the new things God is leading you to. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Living with the right perspective is near and dear to my heart. Looking forward to what you have to share!