The Ocean

A visit to the seashore, especially the Gulf of Mexico in the panhandle of Florida, is one of my favorite places. During times of fatigue and stress, seeing those waves rolling in and hearing them splash on the shore can bring an ahhhhh to my heart. I penned this little poem during my last visit. Tucked away, safely waiting for a day when I need to be reminded of God’s grace and love for His children. We can only imagine how beautiful heaven will be. Oh Lord, how great thou art.

The Ocean

Blue, clear life-giving,

our Creator chooses who lives within its liquid walls.

Depths that reveal a world for a select few,

mysterious to mere humans.

But, oh the smell, it’s taste settles peacefully on my lips.

Your voice sings a lullaby with a cadence that soothes the overwhelmed.

Your bully ways remind sailors and land-lovers alike of your mighty power.

Obedient to only your Master; peace be still. You will go here and no farther.

You are bordered with softness.


Summer’s coming!

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  1. Love this! The photo, your words, the ocean, our Creator God. Beautiful. Last week at OBX was a time for me also to stop and breathe. Like you said, the waves bring an aaahhhhh to our hearts. Thank you Jesus.

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Carmen. I would love to live by the ocean or at least be driving distance from it, but your photo and refreshing words at least help me to imagine I’m there. :) Thank you! I love this line – “Your voice sings a lullaby with a cadence that soothes the overwhelmed.” Nature restores and renews me, too. It helps me get grounded as to who is in control of all things. Blessings and hugs to you!

  3. Beautiful, Carmen. The beach and ocean beyond always bring my focus back to the Creator–my sweet and wonderful Lord. How majestic and glorious He is. Going on a cruise and seeing nothing but His mighty ocean and spacious sky gave me a new appreciation and wonder of His majesty. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem. Hugs!