Remembering Our Forgotten Dreams

“Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.”

Remembering Our Forgotten Dreams

When did you stop dreaming? When did I? When did we decide that reality was too real and dreams were for children?

Was it the first time we tried something new and it didn’t work out or was it the first time we prayed and cried until our eyes were dry and it still happened?

Lots of questions.

Disappointment can erase a dream so quickly. So can fear. Fear of it not happening, or fear it will.

Do you have a dream tucked away, so well hidden, you have almost forgotten it? I have some of those. Are you like me and think, if I don’t put them out there, I won’t be disappointed.

What I’m trying to get through this noggin of mine is that if we don’t try, we will never know.

Jordan Smith knew that he looked different. That his voice didn’t quite match up with his look. He didn’t let that stop him from auditioning for The Voice. Because he followed his dreams, we were gifted with this…

Let’s dust a few of our dreams off this year. Let’s see if our inaction is part of the problem, or maybe our fear. Maybe allow ourselves to get a wee bit excited over what God can do with our lives.

With shaky hands and hearts, we write one of them down. Oh my, it’s out there. Uncovered.

Dear Lord, help us to dream again!

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  1. It’s scary stuff to admit the dream out loud! But I love how you put it, “If we don’t try, we’ll never know.” I’m working on the try part. Thank you for this encouragement, Carmen!! xo

  2. Oh, yes, Lord help me to dream again! And I’m dusting the cobwebs off any dreams that have been left by the wayside. I need to hold them up to the Light and see if they are still worthy of chasing! Beautiful post, sweet friend o’ mine!

  3. Gosh, this was for me this morning! I’m launching a new project after years of procrastination, doubt, etc..I see myself everyday wanting to slink back under the covers..thinking it’s too big of a dream! But your words cut through to the core of hope!
    Thank you for the inspiration this morning! And I love what a powerhouse– and the Voice offers such a wonderful venue for such talented individuals to at least try to live their dreams! Visiting today from next door at #IntentionalTuesday!

  4. I’m often guilty of the excuse that I’m getting older, and I’ve let opportunities pass me by that won’t come around again. Your reminder is so important, Carmen:) Sometimes we just put those dreams on the shelf and let them collect dust! Dreams inspire hope. Time to dust them off! Thanks for this encouraging word, friend!

  5. When did you stop dreaming? You can see such a dramatic change in people when they stop seeing opportunity and get trapped in complacency. Thank you for sharing and highlighting such an ever-present topic. As the psalmist wrote, “Help us to number our days!”

  6. Dreams mean we haven’t given up on life.We can find a new path. We can make a new life. We can move into more of what God has for us. Our dreams mean we are still breathing. Dream… Dream….Yes, good post.

  7. Glad to see you’re back to blogging after the holidays, friend. Thanks for this practical encouragement to dust off our dreams and go for it! Fear is so big and holds us back. Thanks for presenting truth here. :-)

  8. “Dear Lord, help us to dream again!” Amen! We do need this. Because of health limitations, some of my dreams have fallen by the wayside. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have new dreams, right? Fear can sure hold us back though, can’t it? Thank you for this encouraging reminder, Carmen, to not only keep on dreaming but to act on it.