It feels good to – notice

“Look to the right and see – there is none who takes notice of me…” Psalm 142:4 (ESV)


Sometimes it helps to just notice. To honor someone with notice. We rush through life and never see the housekeeper at work, the guy who delivers the supplies or our husband who plugged our phone in last night.

There are so many people who make our lives better. Who do jobs with little thanks. Some of them perform task that the world considers menial – unimportant. We pass right by them without, well, without notice.

The degree of my willingness to “see” appears to be tied to my degree of busyness. If I notice too much, I will need to get involved. And, I just don’t have time…

 Jesus noticed all those around Him – even those who just touched the hem of His robe.

He is so keenly aware of people. He meets our needs and heals our brokenness. Jesus sees past our masks and those silly smiles we wear to hide from the world. Getting involved in our messy lives is His desire.

Can I challenge each of us this week to notice? To say thanks more often. To touch the shoulder or arm of someone and look them in the eye. Take some time to…notice.

Linking up with some other amazing writers at Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday.


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  1. I love how Kate highlighted the word notice for FMF. The paying attention to detail and the simple act of pausing in your busyness to reach out to someone else is a gift we can give to others. We all tend to become consumed with ourselves but I will try to be intentional in my “noticing” of others today and thought my week. Loved this post!

  2. Carmen — this is so timely as I heard the same thing in my spirit this weekend. About how we need to let people know that God loves them just by becoming aware of their presence in our lives no matter how small. We drove through a fast food chain Sunday morning to grab a cup of tea before church and I leaned over my husband and said to the monotone, dead pan faced young girl — Have a Happy Thanksgiving — and her sweet little face lit up in a smile and her eyes twinkled like a million watts. Such a small act with such a huge impact. SOOOO important for us to do this. Thanks so much for sharing and I’m glad I found your blog — through a Twitter recommendation — for I too am a once-broken woman put together more than once. God is EVER GOOD. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings…

  3. I am guilty of walking through life oblivious to those around me. I pray the Lord will help me to slow down and truly see the needs He’s put in front of me.

  4. Last week I “noticed” someone at a fast food restaurant as she took our order. All I did was ask how her day was in a way that showed I actually cared. I didn’t think very much of it, but the look of appreciation she gave me just for noticing her caught me off guard. I could see in her eyes it’d been a long day and for a moment we were sisters exchanging compassion and encouragement. In the end, with her sweet gratitude, I felt like she had given me a gift. Isn’t that funny, sometimes when we give we end up being the one who receives the most!? I so enjoy your words, Carmen. They always seem to speak straight to my soul.

  5. Thank you Carmen – just saying I noticed. :)
    And thanking you for reminding me I NEED to notice much more and perhaps the Scripture that says to have a friend we are to be a friend (loose paraphrase) holds for notice too.

    Good post. Glad I stopped by.