Under Pressure

Have I ever mentioned that I can be a little over cautious?  As a child, my mom cooked many suppers with her handy, dandy pressure cooker.   I have memories of the little weight jingling away and even more vivid memories of her stern warning.  “STAY AWAY FROM THE PRESSURE COOKER!  IT COULD BLOW UP!”  What all could happen to me or our house was never quite fully explained, yet I knew it probably involved a lost limb or eye.  As an adult, I never owned one and never intended to own such a explosive, dangerous device.  Recently, at a gathering of friends, one of the young ladies began to sing the praises of her electric pressure cooker.  I was intrigued.  By the way, another aspect of my personality involves asking lots of questions.  I quizzed her.   Interrogated her.  After all, she was suggesting I use a piece of equipment that could do potential harm!  She assured me they were safe.  That I would love the new and improved models.  I began to ask around.  Several friends have them.  I began to get brave.  I needed one of these.  After all, working full time leaves little time to cook.  The purchase was made (after much research on the best, safest model of course).  55EXEYUJVV5B

Fast forward to today.  With directions in hand, and my dear husband close by (what if it exploded and I needed first aid or an ambulance!), I faced my fears.  I read the directions, several times.  I looked at the illustrations.  Read ALL of the safety precautions.  Gathered all my supplies, and began.   When the timer rang and it was time to do the quick release of pressure, I turned that over to my valiant husband (he asked was it so he could be disfigured instead of me).  “Of course not”, I said.  He was so confident.  He reminded me several times, that it is 2011 and the label said “safe and easy”.  If I had filmed myself when he began the pressure release, it would have been a YouTube sensation.  Standing across the kitchen from him, I actually jumped when I first heard the loud “hissssss” of the steam escaping.  After quite a bit of harassment, I reminded him that it is good to be needed.   

I am happy to report that we enjoyed wonderful bone in chicken breast with new potatoes and carrots in 30 minutes.  Fifteen to reach high pressure and 12 to cook.  Falling off the bone tender I might add.  Well, I’m hooked.  I love this new gadget!! 

I love that man of mine.  My hero.  It was fun experiencing this together.  Try it sometimes.  You might even get to kiss the cook!

Until we visit again,

Live blessed,


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  1. Our daughter had never seen one used either. She had a great time reading the blog about our experience though! I have not used that expression, I had forgotten about it! That is a good word picture of how life is sometimes. Thanks for reminding me about it and thanks for stopping by for a visit!

  2. Ha! That’s funny. My mom owned a pressure cooker, too, but not me. It’s funny when I use the expression “in a pressure cooker” because my kids just don’t get it.