Check Engine Light

I have become high maintenance.  Mid life has brought me to this place.  Supplements, juices, hormones and points (that’s for another time) have taken over my life!    
A few nights ago, after finally settling in for sweet slumber, I realized I had forgotten one of my maintenance items.  My dear husband suggested a check list.  A check list!!!  Now don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t upset at my honey, he was just trying to help. How would mine look?
Mid Life Check List
Hormones (NEVER forget these!)
Hair Color
Supplements/Vitamins – so many they must be put in a pill box (I can’t believe “pill box” is in my vocabulary)
Reading glasses
Did I say moisturizer?
Where is our spiritual lesson in this?  We brainstormed together looking for spiritual meaning, some way to encourage my readers.  None seemed plausible.  As Michael Corleone said in “The Godfather III” about his nephew, Vinnie, “You are what you are.”  It is what it is. 
I have changed.  My body has changed.  It seems possible that the one I’m occupying today may not really be mine.  If I had put more thought in this, I could have been more prepared.  Not so surprised.  I will be 51 on Saturday.  Reality is setting in. 
Are there any positives in all of this?  Absolutely!  I am healthier, physically, mentally and spiritually than I have ever been.  My faith muscles have been stretched and have become more developed.  I am still growing in the Lord.  Learning more and more about what’s really most important in life.  I judge less, extend grace more and know because I know that Jesus Christ is the love of my life. 
The Bible tells me in Proverbs 20:29 “…the gray hair of experience is the splendor of the old.”  (NLT)  I do enjoy the benefits of some hard earned experience even if I do cover up the splendor of my gray hair! 
Until we visit again…
Live blessed,

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